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Advanced Expert CAE - New Edition 2008 (Coursebook // Student's Resource Book + Audio)
Advanced Expert CAE - New Edition 2008
(Coursebook // Student's Resource Book + Audio)
Автор: Bell, J & Gower, R & Hyde, D
Издательство: Longman, 2008

New Edition for the December 2008 exam.

The expert series delivers the rigorous exam training and thorough language development that will have your high-achieving students scoring top marks every time.

* Assure your students of exam success with the integrated exam tips and strategies as well as regular review sections
* Build your students writing and speaking skills with the thorough, step-by-step skills development activities
* Encourage self study using the extensive reference material including exam material, grammar, writing and functions
* Exam style tasks throughout the course with integrated tips and strategies familiarise students with the exam format

The Student’s Resource Book is related to the Coursebook by unit topic and language and can be used by teachers to supplement and extend lessons. Alternatively, it can be used by students on their own to consolidate and enrich their language and practise exam skills or as an intensive course just prior to the exam.

- extensive grammar activities supplementing the language development sections of the Coursebook
- vocabulary consolidation and extension
- additional topic related exam practice for Papers 1 - 4
- a complete practice exam at the end of the book
- audio CD for the Resource Book listening exercises allowing students to practise listening at home

Please read carefully to pick the version which fits you best!!

1) ---original version (2 SINGLE parts!!)
PART 1: (Pages 1-102, format DOCX, 80 MB, RARed)

PART 2 : (Pages 103-207, format DOC, 86 MB, RARed)

C) AUDIO for 

(MP3 in RAR, 44 khz/128 kbps, 70 MB

SOFTWARE (for DOCX format)
You need special software to open files from Office/Word 2007 in DOCX format. Please use Google or check the MS homepage:
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