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Earworms Rapid French Vol. 2: Berlitz Travel Guide
Earworms Rapid French Vol. 2
Publisher: Berlitz Travel Guide
Publication date: 2007
Format: m4a, pdf
Size: 70 mb
earworms mbt™ is a revolutionary accelerated learning technique that takes the hard work out of learning.

By listening to these specially composed melodies with their rhythmic repetitions of French and English a few times, you pick up over 200 essential words and phrases that will not just be on the tip of your tongue, but burned deeply into your long-term memory in next to no time.

If you like music, and want to make rapid progress without any formal knowledge of language learning, earworms mbt™ Rapid French is the course for you.

Whereas Vol 1 was your survival kit of immediately useful words and phrases for your visit abroad, this follow-on course will have you talking about yourself, friends and family, past, present and future, and includes phrases to enable you to hold a simple conversation, and deal with various real, practical situations (including flirting!).

The subject matter follows closely the Common European Framework for Languages (CEF), level one, the recognised benchmark of simple conversational language proficiency.

Rapid French (Vol. 2) The Tracks:
Song 1 - On business or for pleasure? 7:46
Song 2 - Are you French? 7:09
Song 2 - How was the journey? 8:38
Song 4 - Future plans 7:10
Song 5 - I have reserved... 6:12
Song 6 - Encore des nombres / More numbers 5:55
Song 7 - What can I do for you? 8:28
Song 8 - Personal details 4:47
Song 9 - What kind of…? 9:56
Song 10 - What is it you do? 7:31

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