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Gre Bible v2.1: Pellucid Learning Systems
Издательство: Pellucid Learning Systems
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The program provides sample answers to all gre essays - including the two that will be on your test. Other than that, after mastering all the strategies you will be given a lot of practice with our Verbal test bank, which is very very crucial in preparation of GRE. Students score low in GRE because of lack in practicing the right gre questions. It consists of 20 tests. The questions are standardized to the toughness level of gre so that you will not feel difficult to score 700 and above in GRE verbal section.
As to quantitative part, the standard GRE tests and the other books available in the market do not provide with practice material at higher difficulty level. Section tests in comparison and problem solving will make you fit to answer any challenging gre Quantitative question. A great care is taken to ensure the difficulty level of the questions so that you wont find difficult in GRE in facing a high difficulty level Quantitative question.
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