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Transparent Dutch Premium Edition


Transparent Dutch Premium Edition
Author: transparent.com
Publisher: transparent.com
Date: 2009
Format: EXE + EXE=>MP3 
Size: 360 MB
Source languages: English



Transparent Dutch Premium Edition is an immersion course that enables learners to take basic vocabulary and quickly progress to more advanced comprehension and use. Grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening, and conversation practice are emphasized through Dutch texts, videos, and stories.

Transparent Dutch Premium Edition is a full language course with a lesson plan designed to develop your conversational fluency in a new language. The Transparent Premium learning system features:

* An intuitive "book interface” format
* Lessons covering over 15,000 Dutch words and phrases
* Full-motion immersion video
* Native speaker audio
* Interactive conversation practice with play-back
* MP3 audio for iPods and other players
* Interactive games
* Online proficiency tests
* Personal progress tracking

Each lesson follows a simple and effective three-step process:

* Build your vocabulary base with the integrated Byki learning engine. Create custom vocabulary lists from Premium’s lesson content.
* Explore native language texts, videos, and stories as you immerse yourself in the Dutch language.
* Produce spoken Dutch by participating in conversational role-plays and dialogs. Record your lines, then play the entire conversation back.

What will I learn?

Transparent Dutch Premium Edition will help you:

* Rapidly build and retain a Dutch vocabulary base
* Develop listening comprehension
Learn to read and write in Dutch
* Learn to express yourself in spoken Dutch

As you progress through Premium’s lessons, you’ll find yourself communicating in Dutch without having to think about it – just like you do in English!

Sample lesson content includes:

* Nouns and verbs
* Definite and indefinite articles
* Dutch greetings and cultural information
* Understanding common signs
* Flowers in Dutch history and culture

Includes also TLPremium_Dutch_BykiPod.exe - with mp3 files to play in a MP3 player.

Download and save all parts in the same folder, then open Premium-Dutch.zip

Download Part 1 

Download Part 2 

Download Part 3 

Download Part 4 

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