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Teach Yourself: Improve Your French
Teach Yourself: Improve Your French
Author: Jean-Claude Aragon
Publisher: Printed for Hodder & Stoughton Educational (UK edition)
Publication date: 2004
ISBN: 0-340-87061-3
Number of pages: 309
Format / Quality: rar/djvu, mp3
Size: 35.24 Mb + 30.71 Mb (CD 1) + 32.39 Mb (CD 2)
Improve your French is an ideal way to extend your language skills. You will build on your existing knowledge and improve you spoken and written French so that you can communicate with confidence in a range of situations, and at the same time you will learn about the country and its culture.
Jean-Claude Arragon was born and educated in France. He has taught French at all levels from beginners to undergraduates.

CD 1
CD 2
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