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Teach Yourself: Hungarian: Z.Pontifex
Teach Yourself: Hungarian
Author: Z.Pontifex
Publisher: Contemprary Books, McGraw-Hill
Publication date: 2003
ISBN: 0-07-142024-x
Number of pages: 377
Format / Quality: rar/djvu, mp3
Size: 4.45 Mb + 41.37 Mb (CD1) + 41.87 Mb (CD2)
Hungarian starts with the basics but moves at an energetic pace to give you a good level of understanding, speaking and writing. You will have lots of opportunity to practice the kind of language you will need to be able to communicate with confidence and understand Hungarian culture.
Zsuzsa Pontifex, a professional teacher of Hungarian, runs a language school in Budapest.

CD 1
CD 2
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