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"Sing in Greek" course : "Alexander the Great" School of Modern Greek
"Sing in Greek" course
Author: "Alexander the Great" School of Modern Greek
Publisher: "Alexander the Great" School of Modern Greek
Publication date: 2009
Number of pages: 404+50+31[x7]
Format / Quality: .pdf+.mp3/excellent
Size: 600 MB [music] + 3 MB [pdf]
"Τραγουδώ ελληνικά" [I sing in Greek] is a complete course for INTERMEDIATE learners of Modern Greek based on singing and learning traditional or popular Greek songs. The course was conceived and realized by the teaching staff of the "Alexander the Great" School for Modern Greek (in Athens).

This project consists of a student's book [.pdf], the songs of the 24 units [.mp3], keys to the exercises of the units [.pdf] and several bilingual glossaries [.pdf]. Learners are introduced into getting to know and sing famous Greek songs, learning their words, exploring grammar points encountered in them through a variety of follow-up examples, exercises and special word games. The 24 musical units are:
- songs from Epirus, - songs from Crete,
- songs about Athens and Attica,
- songs from and about Salonica and Macedonia,
- rempétika, - traditional lullabies,
- songs from and about the Aegean Sea,
- wedding songs, - entertainment songs,
- labour songs, - break-up songs,
- emigration songs, - songs of surviving,
- songs on beliefs and superstitions,
- political songs, - poetry set to music,
- songs about the nature of Greece,
- satirical songs, - Ionian serenades,
- Greek shadow theatre songs, - love songs,
- Greek cinema goldies, - songs on social issues,
- songs in Griko and Pontic dialects.
The student's book contains lyrics of the two core songs of each unit, however, in order to add up to the fun (and learning challenge) of the project, relevant songs proposed herein have been tripled to a total of 140 [Song titles show topical unit, title, composer, lyricists and interpreters. The extra songs are marked with "syn"].

Medium language of the course is Greek. The available bilingual glossaries with the vocabulary of the units target speakers of SPANISH, BULGARIAN, ROMANIAN, GERMAN, ITALIAN, ENGLISH and FRENCH.

Please NOTE: The printed material of this course [but NOT the songs] is available at the source website: http://www.elea.gr/tragoudwellinika/gr_index.html as separate .pdf files.

Remarks: a) Join the FIRST THREE downloaded folders [at "4shared"] with HJSPLIT.
b) Unzip the fourth folder normally.
c) Mirrors are welcome.
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