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Robin Hemley: Turning Life into Fiction
Turning Life into Fiction
Author: Robin Hemley
Publisher: Graywolf Press
Publication date: may2,2006
ISBN: 1555974449
Number of pages: 256
Format / Quality: pdf
Size: 4.2 mb
Neither simplistic nor condescending but at the same time definitely for the beginning writer, this is an enlightening and even inspiring guide to utilizing elements of one's own life and of one's family history as fodder for writing novels and short stories. Hemley makes initial distinctions between autobiographical fiction and sheer autobiography, reminding the new writer of autobiographical fiction that "the trick, of course, comes in molding the factual material to the specifications of one's fictional world." Journal keeping is heavily encouraged; and the actual processes whereby truth--real people, real places, and real events--can be rendered into fiction are laid out in easy-to-follow terms. A unique book for all public library collections of how-to-write books

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