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NLP - The New Technology Of Achievement

NLP - The New Technology Of Achievement 175 Mb AUDIOCharles Faulkner, Kelly Patrick Gerling, Ph.D., Tim Hallbom, LCSW, Robert McDonald, M.S., Suzi Smith, M.A., and Gerry Schmidt, Ph.D.Some of the world's top NLP trainers define NLP and provide an extensive sampler of its uses. Learn strategies for: getting motivated; using upside and downside planning more effectively, and dealing with anxiety. Use an accelerated seven-step process to identify your personal mission, then a four-step goal achievement process to pursue that mission. Discover ways to gain cooperation and detect when you're losing rapport. Respond resourcefully to criticism. And much more! If you want to achieve peak performance, this set is for you!http://www.ftp2share.com/file/17660/NLP_-_CF__1_of_6_.rar.html

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