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Japanese Cinema Encyclopedia: The Sex Films

Japanese Cinema Encyclopedia: The Sex Films 
Publisher: Vital Books | ISBN: 1889288527 | edition 1998 | PDF | 642 pages | 137,5 mb

This book, by Thomas and Yuko Mihara Weisser of Asian Cult Cinema fame, takes on the "Pink Film" era with an unprecedented scope. The era of the "Pink Films," one of cultural and artistic daring and experimentation in Japan, has hardly been chronicled in the English language, but this book solves that problem! The book is a giant volume, filled with reviews and articles. The Weissers made it their intent to catalog every "Pink Film" that had a theatrical release, and they come as close to doing that as possible! Add to that the intelligent, thought-provoking articles on the history of the medium and an introduction by "Pink Film" star of stars, Naomi Tani, and the result is an absolutely stunning achievement in film history and criticism! A must-have work for any Japanese film completist.

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