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Italian Language Course

Italian Language Course

Over a period of twenty-five years, Michel Thomas has developed and perfected a unique method of teaching languages. His approach gives startling results within a remarkably short time, all without the need for books, memorizing, or homework. In essence, Michel Thomas breaks a language down to its component parts and enables learners to reconstruct the language themselves to form their own sentences, to say what they want, when they want. The experience of learning a language becomes so exciting and satisfying that it stimulates self-motivation and builds confidence.

Michel Thomas presents the language within simple, elegant structures that echo the way the language is spoken. He achieves this by guiding you through carefully planned sets of exercises that build up your understanding of the language almost without you realizing it. You are able to absorb the structures effortlessly and apply them naturally, right from the start.


Password is the same for both folder and .rar files.
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