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Instant Immersion Hawaiian


Instant Immersion Hawaiian
Publication: Topics Entertainment, 2003
ISBN: 1591502950 / 9781591502951
Format: PDF & MP3
Holiday in Honolulu? Meetings on Maui? Aloha, malihini! But why be a stranger to the cultural re-birth of the language of the Hawaiian islands? With Instant Immersion Hawaiian on 8 audio compact discs, youll bask in the language, culture, and spirit of Hawaii, providing proficiency and insights you can use on the beach or in the boardroom. Unique in style and comprehensive in content, this audio suite blends Hawaiian vocabulary and grammar with informative notes on each island. Written, produced, and recorded in Hawaii, Instant Immersion Hawaiian features respected Hawaiian speakers and champions of the effort to keep this proud language alive. Vibrant, effective, and listener-friendly, Instant Immersion Hawaiian on audio CD is the topical, tropical way to pono Hawaiian instruction. 

CD 1: Introduction; The Hawaiian alphabet; Pronuciation; Greetings 
CD 2: The big island of Hawaii; Adjectives; Future verb form 
CD 3: The island of Maui; Articles; Past tense verb form 
CD 4: The island of O'ahu; Pronouns; Numbers; Future verb form 
CD 5: The island of Kaua'i; Question words; Hawaiian syntax 
CD 6: The island of Moloka'i; Directional words; Defining time 
CD 7: The island of Lan'i; colors; The human body; Common expressions 
CD 8: Summary of vocabulary; Lessons from previous programs

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