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English Together: Starter Book (with Audio): Carol Skinner
English Together: Starter Book (with Audio)
Author: Carol Skinner
Publisher: Longman
ISBN: 058207844X
Number of pages: 68
Format / Quality: pdf, mp3
Size: 44MB
* Language selection is based on what is useful and natural * Constant revision help consolidate learning * Each level is story-based to provide an exciting context for learning
About the Author
Carol Skinner has extensive experience in TEFL. She has taught English in many countries around the world. After completing her RSA diploma and teaching in England, Carol went to Greece, where she starter her career working as a teacher trainer and then as a Field Editor for Longman. Carol is a now a full-time author for Longman. Her publications include English Together Starter book for Primary students, Longman Young Readers Polka Dot Playlets series, Go! Students' Book 1, In Touch 1 -3, and the brand new Friends series for Lower

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