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Danish Course Basic
Danish Course Basic
Publisher: Univerb
Publication date: 2009
ISBN: 9188969851
Number of pages: 65+68+28
Format / Quality: PDF+MP3
Size: 57MB
Courses Univerb language based on the well-known method: Listen - I repeat - Teach! This course is bilingual. First you hear the phrase in English, and then slowly, in Danish. Then you hear the phrase again in a normal conversational pace, which helps generate the correct pronunciation, it is easy to learn new phrases, and you decide when and where you want to study language.

The basic course consists of a training manual in Danish and English kotore include about 422 proposals and 3000 words, as well as a mini-grammar and audio disc, the duration of app. 3 hours. The course is divided into 37 sections: general terms, numbers, times, days of the week, colors, purchasing, medical, food, sports, entertainment, restaurants, etc. To make this course interesting and useful, the course focuses on the words and phrases that can be used immediately upon arrival in the country.


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