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Cooking the English Way


Cooking the English Way
Publisher: Lerner Publications Company 
Format: PDF
Pages: 73
Size: 6 Mb
Language: English
Cooking is an inseparable part of any culture, and country study would be incomplete without comprehension of the cooking traditions of that country. When you come to any country, your first impressions are formed by the native language you hear around and the local food you eat. And there are real connoisseurs undertaking culinary trips to various countries to enlarge their experience. Therefore I have carefully selected somebooks on cooking for you.

In this series you will find:
- Cooking the English Way 
- Cooking the German Way 
- Cooking the French Way 
- Cooking the Austrian Way 
- Cooking the Greek Way 
- Cooking the Italian Way 
- Cooking the Mexican Way 
- Cooking the Norwegian Way 

Some other books from this series, "Cooking the Brazilian Way” and "Cooking the Lebanese Way”, had already been published earlier on this site by my colleagues and you can find them, too.

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