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Colloquial Spanish 2 - The Next Step in Language Learning [book]
Colloquial Spanish 2 - The Next Step in Language Learning [book]
Publisher: Routledge
Publication date: 2004
Number of pages: 252

Format / Quality: pdf
Size: 2,51 MB
Colloquial Spanish 2 can be used by adult learners working with or without a teacher.
Each unit begins with a list of things that you should be able to understand and use by the time you finish the unit. This is followed by a Dialogue with a short introduction in English. You will find a list of new words you will hear in the dialogue on the CD.
Before you listen to the dialogue, look at the words closely. They will help you to understand the gist of the conversation. Also before listening to the dialogue, have a look at the comprehension exercise/s given for each dialogue; they will also give you clues about what you are about to hear and will help you to concentrate on that particular information. Remember that it is perfectly normal not to understand everything said at first. The more you practise, the easier it will become.
The Dialogues are followed by Language points where you will find explanations of many of the functional and grammar points that you have come across in the dialogue.
You will find a number of examples that will clarify each language point covered. All the examples have been translated, some of them literally. These literal translations will help you to see the differences between both languages. Each language point is followed by an exercise or two that focus your attention on the item explained. There are a variety of exercises, some of them will to help you understand the language point you have just learnt, others will be testing your knowledge of other points in Spanish.

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