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Britannica Learning Library

Britannica Learning Library
Publisher: Britannica
Publication date: 2003
Format / Quality: 17x PDF
Size: 89MB
Single Volume for for Children age 6 to 12.
Was the "Trojan horse” really a horse?
What is inside a camel's hump?
When?... How?... Why?... Why not?...? 
This amazing single volume is a treasure trove of information and will provide the answers to these questions and more. Specially written for children ages 6 -12 covering an array of subjects children just long to learn about like space, animals, and places around the world. The book has over 500 pages and is divided into 17 wonderful sections with over 900 photos and illustrations. Within each section the articles have Did you Know? tabs which are fun facts related to the topics. A further great feature is Search Light this asks questions which will clearly see if the young learner has an understanding of the article they are reading — the answer can be found in an inverted colour coded box at the foot of each page. 
This is an absolute must for any child's book collection. 

01 Exploring Space , 02 - Planet Earth , 03 - Science and Nature , 04 - Technology and Inventions
05 - The Arts , 06 - Wildlife Wonders , 07 - Legends, Myths and Folktales , 08 - Religions Around the World
09-Remarkable People in History , 10-Views of Europe, 11-Views of Asia, Australia and New Zealand
12-Views of Africa , 13-Views of the Americas, 14-Food Plants , 15-Creatures of the Waters
16-Artists Around the World, 17-Familiar Animals



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