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Baby Signing Time DVD 2 of 4
Baby Signing Time DVD 2 of 4
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Signing is more than just teaching your child Sign Language!
Baby Signing Time – Sign & Read Edition is so much more than sign language. We’ll teach you how to Talk, Sign & Read with your child in a way that stimulates early language and learning. In addition to learning how to communicate through signs and gestures, your baby will learn to recognize colors, shapes, objects and words patterns. Many children learn early literacy skills by constantly being exposed to the words and signs together. You’ll be amazed at what Baby Signing Time and reading together can do for your baby. The video below is not typical but represents a growing number of parents who are teaching their toddlers how to recognize words and word patterns. With repetition and practice, some even learn how to read.

Why teach infants Sign Language?
Did you know over 80% of your baby’s brain has grown by three years of age? So, what you do during the the first three years really matters. It used to be that sign language was thought of as the language of the hearing impaired. Times have changed!

Teaching children sign language before they can speak can have a profound impact on the rest of their life. By enabling early communication, building vocabulary and building a strong relationship with your child during the first three years, you are helping your child to develop the foundation for language and learning that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. Teaching sign language helps you to do this. There is a growing body of research that suggests that signing has many benefits, including:

Strengthens parent/child bonds
Enables early language, vocabulary & expression
Reduces frustration and tantrums
Helps parents to be more observant and responsive
Promotes positive emotional development
Builds confidence and self esteem

Volume 2 "Here I Go”:
Includes 1 DVD, 1 Sing Along Music CD, 1 Early Reader Board Book "Good Night, Alex and Leah”, and 24 Sign & Read Cards.

Signs taught in Volume 2:
Shoes – Socks – Hat – Coat – Please – Thank You – Sorry – Car – Train – Bus – Bike – Airplane – Boat – Ball – Doll – Bear – Wash Hands – Soap – Water – Sleep – Bath – Sleep Clothes/ Pajamas – Brush Teeth – Books – Blanket

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