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A New Text for a Modern China: Liu, Li
A New Text for a Modern China
Author: Liu, Li
Publisher: Boston
Publication date: 1999
Number of pages: 271
Language: Chinese (traditional and simple characters), English
Format / Quality: pdf
Size: 70 MB
Note: I will not be able to get the tapes before next year, since they're across the ocean. If someone else can supply them, I'll be grateful!

Never mind the mistake in the name of the file....I think I was trying to make it look more colorful...

"In this third-year course for college and adult learners of Chinese as a second language, elements of a language instruction book and an up-to-date cultural reader are combined into an innovative whole. Each of the five units in the textbook begins with an original essay on topics relevant to everyday life and contemporary issues in China. Each essay is accompanied by three related newspaper or magazine articles from Chinese publications. The reading material is followed by lists of new vocabulary, stock phrases, grammatical explanations and exercises to reinforce language learning. Material is in traditional and simplified characters with pinyin. Grammar explanations are in English."

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