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A History of the Classical Greek World
A History of the Classical Greek World
Author: P. J. Rhodes
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
Publication date: 2005
ISBN: 063122565X
Number of pages: 424
Format / Quality: PDF
Size: 3.51MB
Source language: english
"It is superbly fitted for the purpose [of an undergraduate textbook]… extremely full, clear and detailed... A model of how this sort of history should be written.” (BBC History Magazine)

"A thoughtful and measured treatment, especially valuable for undergraduates. Beats its rivals for sheer thoroughness and sagacity."
--David Whitehead, Queen’s University Belfast

"A reliable history, with an up-to-date bibliography concluding each chapter... well-fitted for an undergraduate survey course in the classical world." (Choice)

"Peter Rhodes … is one of the most formidable living scholars of Classical (5th and 4th centuries BC) Greece and especially of the political institutions of the Athenian democracy … Rhodes’s typically clear, sober and detailed accounts of the 5th-century Athenian empire, the Atheno-Peloponnesian War and the 4th-century Second Athenian League may well become the first port of call for undergraduate essay writers – and more enduring resources for their mentors.” (Times Higher Education Supplement)

"This volume is therefore a valuable resource for any teacher of this period of Greek History, so one for the departmental library would be helpful, and at university level any undergraduate would find that it provides an excellent overview." (Journal of Classics Teaching)

"Rhodes has written a very accessible work on the classical Greek world ... highly recommendable and very suitable for undergraduates, not only as an introduction to the Greek classical world but also as a textbook for the proper methodological approach." (Scholia)

"This book demonstrates a breadth of scholarship but remains easy to read and understand." (Ancient West & East)

"Readers of every variety, but especially those who take their ancient history seriously, owe a great debt to Peter Rhodes for a book which … is a joy to read and which, because of its meticulous scholarship, deserves to become the first book a historian of Classical Greece turns to when seeking information that is thoroughly grounded and clearly explained.”
(Blaise Nagy, New England Classical Journal)


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