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A Brief History of Brazil: Teresa A. Meade


A Brief History of Brazil
Author: Teresa A. Meade
Publisher: Facts on File
Date: 2009
Pages: 280
Format: PDF
Size: 5,0 MB
Language: English
"The Brief History" series introduces readers to the dramatic events, notable people, and special customs and traditions that have shaped many of the world's countries. Each engaging volume covers a specific country and offers a concise history of the struggles and triumphs of the peoples and cultures that have called that country home. Touching on factors as diverse as the development of the economy to the role of women in society to changes in the political landscape, these comprehensive volumes provide the key background information readers need to put current global events in historical perspective.

Coverage includes:
The relationship between slavery and the economic development of Brazil
The evolution of the roles of women in early Brazilian society
Brazil's labor movement under Luis Inacio Lula da Silva ("Lula")
Environmental concerns and activism in modern Brazil
Senator Benedita da Silva's rise from poverty and her successes as a community leader, role model, and politician
Brazil's expanding role in world politics in the 21st century.

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