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Lexikon ueber die Formen der griechischen Verba [Dictionary of Greek verbal forms]
Author: Georg Traut
Place: Giessen
Publisher: Verlag von Emil Roth
Publication date: 1867
Number of pages: 494
Quality: good
Format: Separate alphabetically named files in png-format
Size: 34,9 MB

Das schwierigste in Griechisch ist ohne Zweifel das Verb... Traut ist eine gute Hilfe in dieser trügerische Welt ein Pfad zu finden. Das Verzeichnis der Endungen am Ende ist auch sehr hilfreich.
The Greek verb is no doubt the most difficult part of Greek... Traut helps to find your way in that deceitful worl ... Читать дальше »

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Author: Hermann Usener
Place: Leipzig
Publisher: Teubner
Publication date: 1887
Number of pages: 526
Quality: good
Format: ttf
Size: 17,7 MB
The standard compilation of the texts (fragments and letters survived) by Epicurus carried out by one of the most outstandong German philologists Hermann Usener.
The title page was somehow corrupted or erroneously converted, so I had to add the title from one website of rather poor quality (still I hope to retrieve the original page on one of my old CDs).

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Tragicorum graecorum fragmenta
Author: A. Nauck, B. Snell
Place: Leipzig
Publisher: Teubner (repr.: Olms)
Publication date: 1870 (repr. 1964)
Number of pages: 1094
Format / Quality: good
Size: 37,4 Mb
Format: ttf
Standard collection of greek tragics. Though surpassed now by newer collections it has all the advantages of compactness and simplicity as well as the mark of German genius in the golden age of classical studies.
All files are separate ttf-files, which are comfortably worked with by means of ACDsee.


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Краткая грамматика греческого языка
Морфология и синтаксис
Для учащихся средних и высших учебных заведений.
Предлагаемая книга представляет собой подробное и в тоже время компактное изложение греческой морфологии и синтаксиса.

Автор: А.Н.Попов;
стр.: 200;
год: 2001;
качество: Отл.;
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