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The Facts on File Student's Dictionary of American English


The Facts on File Student's Dictionary of American English
Author : Facts on File
Publication date: 2007
Format / Quality: PDF
Number of Pages : 688 pages
ISBN-10: 0816063796
Size : 11,4 MB
The first purpose of any student's dictionary is to provide the basic information necessary to be able to understand a meaning, decipher a pronunciation, make a correct syllable break, and employ vocabulary appropriate to a particular situation. "The Facts On File Student's Dictionary of American English" is designed to provide such information as accurately, concisely, and clearly as possible. Its modest entry list of about 90,000 words includes the vocabulary most of us use every day in ordinary writing and encounter in reading a newspaper, novel, magazine, or online article. Thedictionary also includes a selection of widely used new terms in English, from science and technology to contemporary American culture. The design is exceptionally user-friendly. Each entry of the standard vocabulary has been evaluated and revised according to current usage. Unlike other dictionaries - including collegiate - thisdictionary features long entries that have been trimmed to their core meanings; shades of meanings are illustrated by phrases or sentences that follow a definition, rather than by different definitions entirely. The result is a reliable, easy-to-use guide to the English language.


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