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Paul Gordon Lauren, «Rights of Man: Great Thinkers and Great Movements»


Paul Gordon Lauren, «Rights of Man: Great Thinkers and Great Movements»
Publisher: The Teaching Company
Language: English
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="Course Lecture Titles"1. The Rights of Man
2. The Heavy Burden of the Past
3. Religious Belief—Duties and Rights
4. Early Philosophical Contributions
5. Natural Rights and the Enlightenment
6. Rights and Revolutions—America and France
7. Rights of Man at the 18th Century's End
8. Abolishing the International Slave Trade
9. Emancipating Slaves and Serfs
10. Promoting the Rights of Women
11. Advancing the Rights of Workers
12. Protecting the Rights of the Wounded
13. Rights of Man as the 20th Century Begins
14. Peacemaking and Rights—Paris, 1919
15. New Departures for the Rights of Man
16. The Gathering Storm and Attack on Rights
17. War, Genocide, and a Crusade for Rights
18. Peacemaking, Rights, and the United Nations
19. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
20. The Right to Self-Determination
21. The Right to Racial Equality
22. Setting Standards and the Rule of Law
23. Recent Achievements and Challenges
24. The Rights of Man—Past, Present, and Future

About the Author: Dr. Paul Gordon Lauren is Regents Professor of History at the University of Montana. He earned his M.A. and Ph.D. from Stanford University. Joining the University of Montana in 1974, he served as the Founding Director of the Maureen and Mike Mansfield Center and as the Mansfield Professor of Ethics and Public Affairs.
Professor Lauren has spent his career enlightening audiences worldwide, including the general public, professional diplomats, military and intelligence officers, policymakers, and audiences at the United Nations and the Nobel Institute, about the story of the rights of man.

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