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On Hungarian Morphology: Andras Kornai

On Hungarian Morphology

Author: Andras Kornai
Publisher: Andras Kornai
Publication date: 2007
Number of pages: 158

Format / Quality: PDF - Excellent
Size: 0.66
This thesis was written in 1984-1986 – the first publicly circulated version (Version 1.4) was defended at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS) Institute of Linguistics in September 1986. An extended Version 2 was submitted to the HAS Scientific Qualifications Committee in August 1988, and was formally defended in September 1989.

Version 2.1, the 1994 paperback edition in Linguistica: Studia et Dissertationes (ISBN 963 8461 73 X) was different from Version 2 in two main respects: an English version of the official Summary Kandidatusi Ertekezes Tezisei replaced the old Introduction, and the
section on implementation reflected the system that was running at Xerox PARC at the time of the formal defense.

The current Version 3.0 (pdf only) is based on the source of the paper version with minimal reformatting (the addition of hyperrefs, and a slight revision of this preface – salient changes italicized).

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