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Fluent French Audio Conversations


Fluent French Audio Conversations
Year: 2004
Format: MP3 + PDF
Size: 365 MB
The French conversations recorded on CDs and tapes, plus the special Fluent French teaching materials, have encouraged a flood of enthusiastic and unsolicited customer feedback. Here’s a small selection of over 160 comments that we have received, from mid-2003 until today:
“ This is an exceptional product that would be a deal at twice the price. It provides a service which would take a lone language student years and years of endless study.”
“ In a clear and simple way it takes you from the work you do in the classroom and makes the language come alive!”
“ This was a really terrific find. One of the greatest areas of weakness for me is oral comprehension. I do not have access to anyone who speaks French, so understanding some of the idiomatic or colloquial expressions can be very difficult and painstaking, at times. Fluent French gives me choices on how I wish to receive the conversations.”

“ Practice makes perfect and when there is no one to judge you, you practice more! I highly recommend a trial subscription of one issue and I can almost guarantee that you’ ll be hooked!”

“ The content is so varied and informative and INTERESTING! that you can keep repeating the listening and not get bored. Better still, rotate between a few FF CDs!” “ Being able to read the interviews while listening is an excellent tool, and the "slow" audio versions are fantastic. Great topics make it very interesting.” “ Find a conversation where the person is speaking fast, without any concession to the listener being a foreigner. Listen to the original recording a few times. Then switch to the slowed-down recording and follow in the text book. Once you have a good idea of what is coming up, switch back to the regular speed. You’ll be surprised at how you ear suddenly ‘picks up’ many more of the words.”

“The quality of the program is outstanding...the book is great and educational since you are learning about events with the latest dialect spoken in France.”




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