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Croatian reader with vocabulary: Ante Kadić

Title: Croatian reader with vocabulary
Author: Ante Kadić
Publisher: Mouton
Publication date: 1960
pages: 276
format: pdf
size: 7.7 MB

The book is divided into four parts: The first one contains material taken mostly from Croatian folk creations. The second part presents excerpts from different Croatian writers,beginning with the most recent writers and concluding with those who wrote around the turn of the 20th century.
The third part offers a selection of modern Croatian poetry: Communist poetry of present-day Yugoslavia and the best poetry of the Croatian emigration. The fourth part of the reader presents selections illustrating the two main dialects, the Ča and the Kaj.
At the end of the reader there is an extensive Croatian-English vocabulary pertaining to the pages in the Selections. After every work there is an explanation, either about the work, or about the most unusual idioms.

Remarks: Pages 48-53,114-172,176-181,184-193, and 198-203 are missing.



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