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E brezhoneg pa gari ! Vol. 1 (CD-ROM): Stumdi
E brezhoneg pa gari ! Vol. 1 (CD-ROM)
Publisher: Stumdi
Publication date: 2000
Format: iso->rar
Size: 534MB
Language: English/Français/Brezhoneg
Cette méthode multimédia français/anglais d'apprentissage de la langue bretonne a été conçue pour les débutants de tous âges. Elle s'appuie sur une vidéo découpée en 15 leçons comportant une multitude d'exercices interactifs de vocabulaire, d'orthographe, de grammaire, de prononciation et de culture. Bref, un outil indispensable pour acquérir à son rythme les bases du breton écrit et parlé. Contient 2 CD-ROM.
  • 15 leçons
  • un dictionnaire vocal
  • des dizaines d'exercices
  • enregistrement de la voix
* * *

E Brezhoneg Pa Gari ! (In Breton, when you’re ready!) was created by the company Warok. Available on 2 CD-ROMs or one DVD-ROM, it represents a new, totally interactive, multimedia approach to learning the language on your own. And the best news is that you can choose whether you want to work in French or ENGLISH.

The program is divided into 15 lessons, and is built around a video-film of a love story between Yann, who works at a port-side bar in Douarnenez and Naïg, the girl of his dreams who works in a bread and candy shop. The story takes you through many real-life situations, such as buying and selling in the shop and pub, food, drink, illness, computers, clothing, and cultural and geographic information about Brittany.

Each lesson begins with a video segment. The dialog in Breton is displayed beside the video so you can follow along, and you can move the cursor over each line of dialog to see the translation in English (or French) in a window below. The video can be stopped, started, rewound or fast-forwarded as you wish, and can be enlarged to full-screen.

There are words and phrases underlined throughout the dialogs, and you can (should) click on these words to bring up a window with information about different grammatical rules of the language. The entire set of grammar lessons, as well as a mini-glossary of words used in the lessons and a larger dictionary of words and phrases, can be accessed at any time through links at the bottom of the screen.

After reviewing the video you can play a series of dialogs based on the video segment, each with a picture and a question, and three possible answers displayed. After selecting an answer to the question an appropriate response will be displayed, and you can go back and select all three answers to see the different responses. The questions, answers and responses are all read aloud.

A ‘triskell’ symbol at the bottom right corner of the screen allows you to access exercises, a test and a display of your results on the exercises and test for the lesson. The exercises are divided into 5 parts: Vocabulary, where you fill in puzzles using picture or written hints, and label items in a picture; Grammar, where you move words into the correct place in sentences or category columns; Pronunciation, where you can use a microphone to repeat words and phrases, comparing your vocal pattern to the native speaker’s; Dictation, where you type the sentences dictated (spoken very slowly); and Cultural Knowledge, with a variety of exercises to test your knowledge of Breton geography and culture and even other Celtic languages as compared to Breton. For each of these categories (except pronunciation) you can click a button to display answers you got wrong, allowing you to correct them, and then click a button to reveal all the correct answers.

The tests are shorter and take the same format as the Vocabulary and Grammar exercises, except that you can’t correct your answers after you have finished a screen. The results screen displays your ‘grade’ for each of the exercise and test areas, as a red, yellow or green light.

Windows 95, 98,NT and 2000
PC Pentium III 233 Mhz
14 inch monitor (640x480)
Sound card 16 bits Sound Blaster compatible
CD-ROM reader x12 or DVD-ROM reader

Windows 95, 98, NT et 2000 - PC Pentium II 233 Mhz
32 mo de mémoire RAM
Ecran 14 pouces milliers de couleurs, 640 x 480 pixels
Carte son 16 bits compatible Sound Blaster
Lecteur CD-Rom 12x ou Lecteur DVD-Rom


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