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En Activo: Practical Business Spanish: Santamaria Igle
En Activo: Practical Business Spanish
Author: Santamaria Igle
Publisher: Routledge
Publication date: 2008-07-29
ISBN: 0415408857
Number of pages: 305
Format / Quality: pdf in zip file / true pdf
Size: 4,4 Mb
En Activo is a contemporary course which provides students with a structured development of written and spoken business language skills, focusing on real business people and situations from all over the Spanish-speaking world. The book consists of twenty chapters that incorporate contextual information on the business environment of Spain and Latin America, role-plays, illustrative dialogues, dedicated written exercises, relevant grammar instruction, practical communicative exercises, up-to-date practical advice, model items of written and spoken business protocol, and links to numerous carefully-selected and integrated websites. Each chapter is structured as follows: - Le Presento a. : introduction of the central individual and their working life - Escuche, por favor: extensive listening exercises and accompanying activities - Recuerde que...: grammar revision and communicative exercises - Para saber m s: deepens knowledge about Spanish and Latin-American business culture and etiquette - As¡ se hace: hands-on section practising business situations and day-to-day tasks -¨ Sabe navegar?: practices web research and web etiquette Each fifth chapter is a revision chapter, which puts the acquired knowledge in practice via discussion groups, presentations and debates. The supporting website at www.enactivo.info features additional web and learning resources and exercises. The audio containing all interviews and listening comprehension exercises is freely downloadable from the site. At the end of this course the student will have a sound knowledge of the Spanish speaking business world and the language skills required to put this knowledge in practice.

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