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English - Ukrainian Law Dictionary
English - Ukrainian Law Dictionary
Author: Vinnytsia-Nova Knyha
Publisher: ABBYY
Publication date: 2004
Number of pages: 1088

Format / Quality: DJVU / very good
Size: 9,49 MB
As a result of the establishment of Ukrainian as the official language and a considerable increase in the number of law specialists and students as well as owing to intensive contacts of Ukrainian state officials, jurisprudents, entrepreneurs, and other professionals with the English-speaking world, a great necessity in an English-Ukrainian law dictionary has arisen, in which along with the notions and terms common to the corresponding legal systems, translated equivalents of the terms, words, and phrases typical of the legal systems of the United States of America and Great Britain with actual comments on the peculiarities of their meaning and use would be presented. The present English-Ukrainian Law Dictionary, which is the most comprehensive one among existing English-Ukrainian and English-Russian law dictionaries, contains approximately 75,000 English terms, words, phrases, abbreviations, and Latin words and phrases used in the English legal literature as well as over 150,000 Ukrainian equivalents. The dictionary embraces all the branches of law. The dictionary is arranged according to the nesting principle. Most entries include a significant number of words frequently used in combination with a headword. Besides the English headwords and their Ukrainian equivalents, the dictionary contains a great number of comments in which peculiarities and areas of the use of words and terms are noted as well as information on the belonging of a certain word or term to the British, American, or Scottish legal terminology (vocabulary). The dictionary is devised with due account taken of the author’s experience as a translator, existing English-Ukrainian, English-Russian and other translation and explanatory law dictionaries, and on the basis of the glossing of a large amount of the English legal literature (treatises, laws, textbooks, etc.). The dictionary is intended primarily for practicing lawyers, students of juridical institutions of higher learning and readers of the English legal literature or translators of English legal texts into Ukrainian as well as native speakers of English learning Ukrainian and especially its legal sublanguage.

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