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Word "Hesed" in the Hebrew Bible (JSOT Supplement): G. Clark


Title: Word "Hesed" in the Hebrew Bible (JSOT Supplement)
Author: G. Clark
Publisher: Sheffield Academic Press 
Publication Date: 1993-08 
Number Of Pages: 287
Quality: Excellent
Language: English
Format: .pdf
Size: 11mb
This impressive semantic study, with a useful glossary of special and technical terms, develops an original methodology, bringing new insights into the meaning of a much-discussed word. Working with an immense amount of data, obtained by examining every occurrence in the Hebrew Bible of 35 field elements, the author achieves a new degree of semantic refinement based on meticulous quantitative analysis of distribution, collocations, parallels and syntagms. Sense-relations are formulated between hesed and other related terms. This study provides much material for a better understanding of this crucial term for Hebrew thought, and also makes an important theoretical contribution to Hebrew lexicography.


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