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Legal and Documentary Arabic reader: Menachem Mansoor
Legal and Documentary Arabic reader
Author: Menachem Mansoor
Publisher: E.J. Brill
Publication date: 1965
Number of pages: 600

Format / Quality: PDF/ scan, good
Size: 20MB
Full title: Legal and Documentary Arabic reader--with explanatory notes, exercises, vocabularies and model answers, in two volumes. (BOTH INCLUDED HERE in a single PDF.)

"The purpose of this two volume work is to introduce the student to modern, standard arabic with concentration on the style employed in formal documents and international treaties. It is assumed that the intermediate student using the readers has control of the essentials of arabic grammar but has not been adequately exposed to modern literary arabic texts and especially documentary texts. Grammatical treatment of the text is generally avoided. This work provides the student with 62 selections from contemporary documentary sources in the arab world. These selections are accompanied with aids to facilitate student use, such as glossaries, notes, idiomatic usages and sets of exercises in english and arabic phraseology, word building, and syntactical vocalization. The sources for the selections were taken from united nations materials, publications of middle east companies, near eastern and western texts of arabic treaties involving arab countries, and various official publications of arab states. This work was developed through teaching arabic, especially documentary arabic, to english-speaking students of intermediate and advanced levels for over 6 years.

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