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Finnish graded reader: Bell, Aili Rytkonen ; Koski, Augustus A.


Finnish graded reader
Author: Bell, Aili Rytkonen ; Koski, Augustus A.
Publication date: 1968
Number of pages: 764
Format: pdf
Size: 18.4 mb
This text is designed to serve as supplementary material for a beginning course in Finnish, to be introduced "when the student has mastered much of the basic structure of Finnish and about 700 lexical items." The authors suggest that it may also be used as an intermediate course. The text comprises 57 graded reading selections representative of various types of Finnish literature and writing. Each reading is followed by comprehension questions intended to develop facility in conversing and using vocabulary and structure beyond the introductory level. A vocabulary list glossed in English, and lexical and grammatical drills complete each lesson. A cumulative Finnish-English word list concludes the volume.

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