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Culture and Customs of Sweden: Byron J. Nordstrom
Culture and Customs of Sweden
Author: Byron J. Nordstrom
Publisher: Greenwood
Publication date: 2010
ISBN: 0313343713
Number of pages: 220
Format / Quality: PDF
source language: english
Size: 2MB
Culture and Customs of Sweden is an ideal introduction to this fascinating nation. The book opens with a broad overview of the country and then examines specific themes such as religion, marriage, family, gender issues, education, holidays, popular customs, sports and leisure, media, literature, performing arts, art, and architecture. 
Throughout, the author seeks to strike a balance between the history of these many aspects of contemporary Sweden and what is happening there today—at a time when Sweden is undergoing many profound changes.For example, the chapter on literature looks at both the developmentof Swedish literature since the Middle Ages and at current interests, themes, and writers. Each of the themes covered is central to introducing both Sweden's past and its present, facilitating the kind of understanding that is so important in this ever-shrinking world.


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