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Chengo Chinese
Chengo Chinese
Format: Multimedia files
Size: 414 MB (434.854.103 bytes)
Source language: English
Target language: Chinese
◎ The largest educational cooperative project to date between the Ministry of Education of P. R. China and the U.S. Department of Education.
◎ A quality and innovative online language learning research and development program in English and Chinese called Chengo (Chinese and English on the Go. in Chinese called Chengfeng).
◎ Targeted at American and Chinese students at the age of 12-18
◎ Joint collegial effort by top experts from China and the U.S. in the areas of language instruction, technology, evaluation, and dissemination.
◎ Quality resources for language study offered to students in China and the U.S. through internet.
◎ 35 50-minute episodes presented in a mystery format and a gaming environment.
◎ One system of the same function shared by Chinese and English R&D program.

Password: tousaang
Part 1 Click, Download & Learn
Part 2 Click, Download & Learn
Part 3 Click, Download & Learn

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